Oral Presentations

The allotted time for oral presentations is:
- Plenary invited oral: 35 minutes (including 5 minutes for discussion)
- Parallel session invited oral: 30 minutes (including 5 minutes for discussion)
- Contributed oral: 15 minutes (including 3 minutes for discussion)
Speakers must keep strictly to time due to the large number of presentations.

Presentation media: only electronic files will be accepted for oral presentations. Overhead projectors for transparencies will not be provided.

File formats: files may be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint format or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Please be aware of minor cross-platform and cross-operating system incompatibilities of these formats. Please test your presentation by trying it on a (different) Windows computer before traveling to Stockholm. Pay special attention to embedded movies, which have a tendency to fail due to incorrect file references (embedded movie files must always be in the same directory as the presentation itself).

Local copy of the presentation: Copy your presentation to the conference computer network at least one day before your oral presentation and test your presentation again. For this purpose, you will receive assistance from the conference organization. Running presentations from personal laptops connected to the conference projector will not be allowed. Speakers with an oral presentation on Monday are requested to come to the conference centre on Sunday afternoon to copy their presentations. Should this not be possible, they should send their presentation to LOC at eps-icpp-2012-loc@spp.ee.kth.se .

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