Basic, space & astrophysical plasmas

SpeakersAffiliationShort titleType
Walter GekelmanUCLA -USADynamics of magnetic flux ropesplenary
Cary ForestU. Wisconsin-USALaboratory studies of dynamosplenary
Yasushi OnoU. Tokyo-JapanHeating in magnetic reconnection experimentsplenary
Niels MadsenSwansea U.-UKFormation of Antihydrogen
Xabier SarasolaMPI-GermanyPlasmas of arbitrary neutrality
L. M. AwasthiIPR-IndiaElectron temperature gradient turbulence
Matteo FaganelloProvence U.-FranceKelvin-Helmholtz instabilities in the magnetopause
Ioannis Kourakis Queen's U. Belfast-UKSolitons in non-thermal plasmas
Ibere CaldasU. Sao Paulo-BrazilTransport barriers
Jasper HalekasUC Berkeley-USAResults from ARTEMIS mission
Y. KuramitsuOsaka U.-JapanOrigin of cosmic rays
Jay JohnsonPPPL-USATransport of heavy ions in the magnetopause
Tim HorburyImperial College-UKMagnetic field fluctuations measured by CLUSTER mission
Eve StensonCaltech-USAMHD-driven flows
Shu ZhouUC Irvine-USATransport of energetic ions by microturbulence
Konrad SauerU. Alberta-CanadaHigh-frequency waves in space plasmas
James MaggsUCLA-USAUniversal features of edge transport (Joint with MCFP)
Monica SpolaoreConsorzio RFX-Padova ItalyElectromagnetic turbulent structures (Joint with MCFP)
Fabio SattinConsorzio RFX-Padova ItalyAccuracy of modulation experiments
Jose MendoncaIST-PortugalWaves with Electromagnetic orbital momentum
Victor HerreroInstituto Estructura de Materia-SpainChemistry of cold plasmas
E. KawamoriNational Cheng Kung U. -TaiwanElectromagnetically induced transparency

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