Magnetic confinement fusion plasmas

SpeakerAffiliationShort TitleType
Per HelanderIPP GreifswaldStellarators - what is different?Plenary
Jiangang LiASIPPHigh Power and Long Pulse operation on the Superconducting Tokamak EASTPlenary
Sebastian BrezinsekForschungszentrum J├╝lich and JET-EFDAFirst divertor plasma operation with the ITER-like Wall at JETPlenary
Wojtek FundamenskiCCFEA new model of the L-H transition in tokamaks
Lionello MarrelliConsorzio RFX - PadovaAdvanced feedback control of MHD instabilities
R. SinghIPR, Bhat GandhinagarAnomalous Particle Pinch in the Edge Pedestal of H-mode discharges
Elisabeth WolfrumIPP GarchingRole of density and temperature profiles before and after the L-H transition with and without magnetic perturbations at ASDEX
Miklos PorkolabMITTransport and Turbulence Studies in the Ohmic Linear Confinement Regime in Alcator C-Mod
T. EstradaCIEMATSpatial and temporal dynamics of the turbulence-flow interaction at the L-H transition
P.C. de VriesJET-EFDAThe impact of the ITER-like wall at JET on Disruptions
Geert VerdoolaegeGhent UniversityA new look at fusion global confinement data: the merits of uncertainty and geometry
Ryutov, Dmitri DLLNLTheory and results of heat load in Tokamaks using a snowflake divertor
Olivier AgulloUniversite de ProvenceMulti-scale mechanisms of magnetic island generation by drift interchange turbulence
Sergei PutvinskiITERDisruptions and disruption mitigation in ITER
Shigeru InagakiKyushu UniversityLong Range Correlation of Plasma Turbulence and Interaction between Edge and Core Transport (Joint with BAP)
Paolo RicciCRPP-EPFLSimulation of edge plasma turbulence (Joint with BAP)
Kerchung ShaingNational Cheng Kung University, TaiwanTheory for neoclassical toroidal viscosity in tokamaks
Seung-Hoe KuPPPL, USAIntrinsic rotation in flux-driven global ITG turbulence simulations
Yueqiang LiuCCFEToroidal modelling of plasma response and RMP field penetration
Matthew LilleyImperial collegeEnergetic Particle Modes from bump on tail to tokamak plasmas
V. D. Pustovitov KurchatovNonlocal effects in the energy balance in the equilibrium plasma during fast heating

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