For the final schedule of the satellite meetings click here 

For the floor plans of the conference center please click here.

The abstracts and the author index are available here.


Below is the color-coding of the schedule and the conference hall allocation.

Red: Award/Prize Lectures & Special Sessions (A3+A4, except for PhD Award Lectures in C3)
Light green: Invited Plenary Talks (A3+A4)
Orange: Magnetic Confinement Fusion – MCF (A3+A4, except for O4.113-O4.114 in C4, O4.115-O4.116 in C1+C2)
Purple: Basic, Space & Astrophysical Plasmas – BAP (C1+C2)
Yellow: Beam Plasmas & Inertial Fusion – BPIF (C3)
Pink: Low Temperature & Dusty Plasmas – LTP (C4)
Cyan: Joint MCF/BAP Invited Talks (A3+A4)
Brown: Poster Sessions (M1+A1)
Green: Conference Dinner (M1+A1)







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