EPS conferences on Plasma Physics encompass the fields of fusion research, magnetic confinement fusion,
beam plasmas, laser-plasma interaction and inertial confinement fusion, dusty and low temperature plasmas,
as well as space, astrophysical and basic plasmas.

The scope of ICPP includes fundamentals of plasma physics, fusion plasmas, plasmas in astrophysics
and space, plasma applications and technologies, complex plasmas, high energy density plasmas, quantum plasmas and laser-plasma interaction.

The scientific programme of the joined EPS / ICPP 2012 conference is organized as following

Basic, space & astrophysical plasmas

o Solar, space and astrophysical plasmas
o Laboratory astrophysics
o Fundamental plasma physics
o Waves and turbulence in laboratory plasmas

Magnetic confinement fusion plasmas

o Edge and plasma-wall interactions
o Turbulence and transport
o Equilibrium and MHD
o Operational limits and plasma control
o Diagnostics
o Heating and fuelling
o Concept development and engineering

Low temperature & dusty plasmas

o Theory and numerical simulations
o Liquid and crystalline complex (dusty) plasmas
o Nucleation and growth
o Waves
o Diagnostics
o Plasma Processing and application

Inertial fusion & beam plasmas

o Inertial confinement and high gain target design
o Hydrodynamics and instabilities
o Ultra-intense laser interaction and fast ignition
o High energy density matter
o Inertial fusion energy drivers and reactors
o Laser and ion beam coupling with plasma
o Laser and plasma based accelerators
o Radiation and particle sources


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